State of the Business, August 2010

Things are going well with Silver Ash Photography! I’ve recently got back from a week’s holiday with my family in Cornwall (photo below) and throwing myself into the business, sorting things out.

My daughter on holiday in a fairy garden!

My daughter on holiday in a fairy garden!

Here’s what’s going on behind the scenes right now:

* Updating my branding. The logo you see is one I designed, and ideally I would rather have a more professional one. So I am currently investigating options for a new logo, and therefore new branding. With that will come new business cards, watermarks – the whole lot, and probably a colour scheme change.

* Finding studio space. Unfortunately there isn’t the space, and nor is it practical to operate my studio out of my home I share with my family. And most customers who live in London rarely have the sort of space I really need for a decent full studio session. So I have been investigating some options and I’m pleased to announce that I have an option to inexpensively rent some space when needed in a building very close to Greenwich Station. I will be splitting the costs of the rental with the customer so it will incur a premium but it is more than worth it.

* Advertising. I have launched a Facebook ad campaign, and will be launching a Google Adwords campaign shortly. I already appear pretty high up the rankings in Google (especially for things like “Breastfeeding Photography”) but all these things will help. As always “Word of Mouth” is the best advertising, so if you like my work, I am eternally grateful to those of you who’ve been spreading the word around. Testimonials are extremely appreciated too.. I need more!!

* Portfolios. I’m currently in the process of redoing my portfolio on this site as I was not happy with the Smugmug offering. I’ll let you know when it’s all finished. I’ll also be creating a special breastfeeding portfolio soon, as this is very much an area I want to specialise in too.

* Special Offers. The 50% offer still stands with some sessions left, although they are dwindling, so if you’re umming and ahhing, now is the time to get in quick. I will never offer savings like this again – this is solely because I am starting out and wanting to get my name out there. I am still looking to get a maternity client at 75% off if anybody knows of anyone?

I’ve also reduced the session fees a little to encourage new custom, so if that was putting you off before, why not take another look? I also do mini sessions if you don’t want a full session.

That’s all for now! I did a session with my own children recently (I hadn’t had them in the studio since January so it was well overdue!) so keep an eye open for it here in a few days..

Thank you for reading :-)

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  1. Posted August 7, 2010 at 7:21 am by Brunilda | Permalink

    Good luck! I started with 50% last August too! All the best with your business

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