Paying for a Session

Paying a 50% deposit for a session confirms your booking and reserves the date. I rarely do more than one session a week, and my availability goes fast as a result, so it is recommended to secure your session as soon as possible.

Before booking I would recommend having a read of my Terms and Conditions. They are pretty industry standard and common sense and not designed to catch anyone out – it mostly spells out expectations on both sides and what should happen if all doesn’t go to plan. Not all conditions apply to every session, but it should be clear what is appropriate. You can find these here:

You do not need to post me anything, but I’ll bring along a copy of the Terms and Conditions on the day for you to sign.

To pay for and therefore confirm the booking, you will need to visit the following page:

The payment method is in the form of a gallery similar to what you may use later for ordering. There is only one item for sale in this particular gallery – the “Deposits” item with a photo of a baby on it. Click on this object as if to buy it.

You will then see on the right hand side six drop down options which are the different types of session I offer. Select the type of session you are intending to purchase. If you are intending to pay for the whole session up front, then add “2″ to the cart (i.e. 2 x 50% = 100%) otherwise leave it as “1″.

You need to click “Add to cart”, and then access your cart using the “Shopping Cart” link at the top right of the screen. If you have been given any coupons to redeem, select the “Redeem Coupon” button at this stage.

To checkout, select the “Checkout” button at the bottom right (or top right) of the screen.

At this point you will need to create an account if you have not done so already. This account can also be later used when ordering your items.

Please note: If the session is a gift, then give your own details here (you do not need to leave your home address if you don’t want to). Your recipient can later set up an account of their own if necessary, or I can set it up for them. You will need to contact me separately with the recipient’s name, email address and home address so I can get in touch with them to do the session. I can provide gift certificates if necessary, just ask!

Follow the on screen instructions, and leave any messages etc for me in the “Special Notes” section if you need to. To place the order, select “Place Order”.

This will take you to PayPal where you can pay with your PayPal account or if you do not have one, with your credit card. Alternatively you may wish to arrange a bank transfer or pay in cash, but we would have discussed this beforehand.

You can use the same method to pay for the balance of your session too.

If you have any problems, please let me know!

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