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My own children outdoors in the winter

Despite what you might think, winter is a gorgeous time of year for photography. The sunshine is particularly unique, and of course there is frost and snow.

So it seemed right I share a whole bunch of photos I’ve taken recently of my children so you can see for yourselves that winter does not necessarily mean no location shoots!

First of all though – some slightly more stylised portraits I’ve taken of them recently:

Children location photography

And some slightly more cheerful portraits!

Children location photography

Here we are down at Rainham Marshes, enjoying the cold January sunshine:

Children location photography

Children location photography

Children location photography

And because nobody’s children are angels all the time:

Children location photography

And finally.. I leave you with some photos taken in the recent snow in Greenwich Park with my smaller, more portable camera! It’s a Panasonic GF-1 with 20mm lens if people are interested – it’s no way up to the quality of my D700 and lenses but in natural light especially it can do a fabulous job:

Children location photography

I have good availability at present as the winter months are often quiet post Christmas, so as a result I have a special deal on mini session CDs right now (£100 off if you pay before the session). Get in touch soon before the warmer weather and increased bookings makes it harder to get your slot!

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Back to Business!

In the blink of an eye, 9 months has passed, and I am so excited to return to my photography business! I’m now taking bookings from mid November onwards – less than a month away.

So much has changed in my life since I began my maternity leave back in February. My baby boy is now almost six months old, and full of character. My oldest daughter has just started school, and my almost 3 year old is growing up too fast too and becoming more mischievous by the day. Needless to say I’ve been pretty busy with my camera during the break photographing my children, and at the end of this post you can see some of my work.

So much has changed with the business too. I’ve also used some of the time over the break to update the site with fresh branding and a new look, better photo browsing, some rewording and reworking, new photos, updated galleries (seriously, check them out!) and a bit of a tidy up. Take a look around the new site and see what is new!

I now have a Twitter feed too – not much there yet, but you can follow me at @SilverAshPhoto – you can see my latest posts off to the side as well. The Facebook Page is still going strong – do “Like” it if you get the chance.

On the photography side of things I’m focusing more on newborn photography and outdoors, on-location photography – these are my strongest talents and what I enjoy doing the most.

On the financial side of things I’ve reworked my pricing - there is now NO minimum order with your order! It does mean I have had to increase the session fee, but at least half of that is a print credit so the increase is not all it appears. Due to the increase, a 25% deposit is all that is required for full sessions to secure a booking now.

New for my return are Studio Session Days. As those of you who had me bring my entire studio to your living room can attest, it is often quite impractical and from my point of view, I know I can get better photos in a larger space. I know many of my customers prefer studio sessions or would like the opportunity, so a few times a year I am intending to hire a large space and set up my full studio gear for the day. I will make a certain number of slots available (length and quantity depending on demand) and then make a dedicated page on this site so you can book your slot. The pricing is likely to be similar to my mini-session pricing and all product prices remain the same.

I’m planning on doing a Session Day in late November, perfect for Christmas presents. It would likely take place in the Greenwich (SE London) area, or at the very least not far away, and should be reachable by public transport.

I’d love to get an idea of interest and preferred days before I commit to a venue, so if this sounds like something you would be interested in, please fill in this form as soon as possible as I will need to book a venue soon. Filling in the form does NOT commit you to anything whatsoever.

Your Name:

Your Email Address: (required)

I could potentially attend a session on: (tick all that apply)
 Saturdays Sundays Weekdays

Any further comments?

I will only use your email address for the purposes of Studio Session Days, mailings will be infrequent and there’s a human being (me!) on the end so you can ask to be removed at any time.

And finally I thought you may like to see some of my recent photos of my children. I may have been on maternity leave, but I have not been resting my camera and I’ve been using the time to practice and further improve my skills! Here’s is just one of the ways that my new site makes sharing photos easier:

I love taking photos of my children but truth be told – other people’s children are easier. So I’m really looking forward to booking sessions again and getting out there meeting people and their gorgeous families, and best of all capturing their precious memories forever.

Tempted to book a session with me? You can book months in advance (with newborns even a rough due date will do) and my calendar is wide open right now so here is a chance to get the date you want. I book no more than one session a week, so my calendar fills up fast. Looking forward to making that first proper return booking – who will it be? Contact me to get things started or to ask questions!

Back in Business-1.jpg - G Welcoming you all back!Back in Business-2.jpg - A classic baby pose at 4 months oldBack in Business-3.jpg - Posing in knitware created by friendsBack in Business-4.jpg - More generous gifts for my happy boy!Back in Business-5.jpg - C enjoying the Autumn LeavesBack in Business-6.jpg - B learning to ride her bikeBack in Business-7.jpg - The girls tormenting their little brotherBack in Business-8.jpg - Rare family photo!  All is not as it seems - this is actually FOUR separate photos.  Even photographers' families don't all look in the right direction at once!  It's amazing what can be done with post-processing.

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