Newborn and Tiny Baby Gallery

There is nothing quite like a gorgeous, squishy newborn. I always feel so very privileged to get to meet these sweet tiny people and to be given the opportunity to preserve their unique newborn look forever. At least half of my work is with newborn babies, hence the larger gallery.

I usually use natural light with the newborns I photograph. Not just because the flash might startle them, but because natural light beautifully compliments their soft skin.

Most photographs are taken indoors in your home over the course of several hours. Not much space is needed, but a clear area next to a window is perfect. I usually pose the newborn on a beanbag or a basket draped with one of my many blankets.. although of course if you have blankets or other props you would like to use then that is very welcome and really adds a personal touch. I have a growing collection of hats, baskets and other props available.

Generally I photograph newborns in the nude.. don’t worry, I am well prepared for the many accidents! The sleepier the newborn the better, so I prefer to photograph newborns in the first two weeks of life, preferably the first if circumstances allow. After this time we can still get great photographs, but many of the poses you might see aren’t always possible.

Here is just a small selection of the newborn portraits I have taken over the years – you can click on the thumbnail for a full size view:

small-Carla-Michael-043.jpg - small-Carla-Michael-043.jpgHarrod-011.jpg - Harrod-011.jpgHarrod-004.jpg - Harrod-004.jpgBentley-019.jpg - Bentley-019.jpgBentley-012.jpg - Bentley-012.jpgMariano-002.jpg - Mariano-002.jpg4months-020-vint.jpg - 4months-020-vint.jpg4months-014-vint.jpg - 4months-014-vint.jpgEleanor-24.jpg - Eleanor-24.jpgbw-4months-013.jpg - bw-4months-013.jpgLaurie-Newborn-007-bw.jpg - Laurie-Newborn-007-bw.jpgNatasha-23.jpg - Natasha-23.jpgsmall-Carla-Michael-078.jpg - small-Carla-Michael-078.jpg3months-001.jpg - 3months-001.jpgLaurie-Newborn-012.jpg - Laurie-Newborn-012.jpgJoanne-01-vint.jpg - Joanne-01-vint.jpgDueDate-008.jpg - DueDate-008.jpgPercy-16-10x8.jpg - Percy-16-10x8.jpg

It’s also a very rewarding experience to photograph newborns with their family, and I have a gallery dedicated to that right here.

To see other gallery images, please use the “Gallery” drop down menu at the top of the page.

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