Tiny Babies and Their Families Gallery

A newborn baby is unspeakably sweet, but to complete the memories you need to give a bit of context and show him or her with his family. Therefore at every newborn session I offer the opportunity for you and your baby’s family to be photographed with your precious new arrival, whether it’s just your hands or a full body shot.

Mothers in particular may not be feeling their best immediately post birth, but there are plenty of flattering angles we can use so you don’t miss out on those irreplaceable memories.

Most of my newborn and family sessions take place indoors, although there is scope for outdoor photography too. If you require full studio portraits, I regret that at this time I am only doing a few studio session days a year, however you are welcome to book a slot on one of these days. Usually we can sort something out at a newborn session for studio-style photography without requiring the full equipment.

Here is just a small selection of the family newborn portraits I have taken over the years – you can click on the thumbnail for a full size view:

LaurieNewborn-030-desat.jpg - LaurieNewborn-030-desat.jpgDueDate-019-vint.jpg - DueDate-019-vint.jpgHarrod-027-soft-bw.jpg - Harrod-027-soft-bw.jpgBentley-033-bw.jpg - Bentley-033-bw.jpgDueDate-011-bw.jpg - DueDate-011-bw.jpgHarrod-032-choc.jpg - Harrod-032-choc.jpgMariano-014-bw.jpg - Mariano-014-bw.jpgMariano-015.jpg - Mariano-015.jpgDueDate-023.jpg - DueDate-023.jpgWhitstable-004.jpg - Whitstable-004.jpgCarolin-004-vint.jpg - Carolin-004-vint.jpgGreenwichParkMay-005.jpg - GreenwichParkMay-005.jpg

I also have a gallery with newborns on their own which you can see right here.

To see other gallery images, please use the “Galleries” drop down menu at the top of the page.

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