General Pricing Information

Silver Ash Photography specialises in both newborn photography in your home, and lifestyle photography where you are out on location, often in a local park or beauty spot. Also offered are studio-style headshot images, usually for adults or older children.

There are several fixed price packages offered to suit most budgets and requirements for both of these types of photography.

Packages are based upon a fixed number of professionally retouched images. You receive this fixed number of images. Some will be obvious “keepers” right from the start, and the rest will be your favourites that you can choose from a selection of unprocessed proofs, which are then also retouched.

Once all images are edited to your satisfaction, they will be supplied to you in one of the following formats that you decide upon when ordering:

  • All images in digital file format printable to around A4 size – either downloadable or supplied on CD OR
  • Around A4-sized professional prints of your favourite style for each image

    All packages include:

  • Travel to any E/SE London postcode and some parts of Kent/Essex
  • Time and talent of the photographer at the session
  • A fixed number of images, each pose available in three different styles e.g. colour, black and white, stylised
  • There is often the opportunity to select at least some of the images from a selection of unprocessed proofs
  • All images are fully professionally retouched, reasonable requests can be given
  • At least one storyboard/collage of some of your images
  • Small, lightly watermarked versions of all images perfectly optimised for use online e.g. Facebook

    And of course..

  • The usual excellent customer service!

    You will also be able to purchase additional prints/canvases/enlargements/framed prints/books etc too from a password-protected gallery that remains up indefinitely.

    For every package, payment of 50% of the total package price is required within one month of the scheduled session. The remaining 50% is payable once the images are finished. A 20% deposit secures a date. For more information please read my Terms and Conditions.

    Newborn Packages

    newborn photography pricing

    This package is best scheduled within ten days of birth, with the ideal time between five to eight days. Obviously due dates are not set in stone, so we can work around this by finalising the session date once baby has arrived.

    Once the baby has passed two weeks of age, you are unlikely to get as good images as babies do not sleep as deeply, nor are they as flexible. I am happy to do “newborn” sessions after this time until the baby is mobile but you do need to be aware of the limitations. I can discuss these further over email if you require and show you examples.

    Sessions take place indoors at your own home (or similar) using a variety of blankets, beanbags and props such as hats or baskets if you like them. As newborns are unpredictable, sessions tend to take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours, depending on how things go and how many images are in your package.

    There is no extra charge for twins/triplets as you will receive the same number of images from the session regardless of the number of subjects.

    Newborn package pricing is higher than lifestyle package pricing as the sessions take much longer, there are more props involved, and there is usually more retouching required.

    I offer two newborn packages, as follows:

  • The Classic Newborn Package gives you 10 individual poses, and one storyboard/collage and is priced at £350

  • The Full Newborn Package gives you 20-25 individual poses, and two storyboards/collages and is priced at £600

    With the Classic Newborn Package, you will be restricted to only two backdrops – there is no limitation with the Full Newborn Package. You can choose your backdrops from the range of blankets I will bring with me to the session, or provide your own if you prefer!

    If you require more images than this, please feel free to contact me to discuss pricing.

    Lifestyle Packages

    lifestyle session pricing

    These packages take place in usually an outdoor (occasionally indoor, or maybe both!) location of your choice, although I can make recommendations if required.

    As I travel to you and do not have a studio, I do not use full studio lighting on any sessions due to the space needed to set up the equipment. I primarily use natural light, however I do have portable flashes to use as required and indoors we can often improvise for a few “studio-like” shots, especially head and shoulders.

    I cover not just children, but also maternity, couples and regular portraits too. I am more than happy to photograph larger groups than four, but you may need to purchase a larger package in order to fit everyone in comfortably – this is something I can advise you on this when you book.

    Time is not limited at a session, instead the session ends when we are satisfied we have all the images we need to fit the requirements of the package. As a guide, allow around half an hour per 10 images in a package plus a bit of time to meet up and discuss.

    I offer three lifestyle packages, as follows:

  • The Basic Lifestyle Package gives you 5 individual poses, and one storyboard/collage and is priced at £150

  • The Classic Lifestyle Package gives you 10 individual poses, and one storyboard/collage and is priced at £250

  • The Full Lifestyle Package gives you 20-25 individual poses, and two storyboards/collages and is priced at £500

    If you require more images than this, please feel free to contact me to discuss pricing.

    Lifestyle packages require a fixed session date.

    Headshot Packages

    Headshot photography

    These packages take place in usually an indoor (although outdoor is of course possible too) location of your choice, usually in SE London. I can travel to central London for multiple subjects e.g. for an employee shoot in your office.

    I have a small portable studio as mentioned, which I can use for head and shoulders shots. I have a range of blankets/fleeces to use as backdrops – we can discuss in advance any preference you may have for various colours, styles etc. I can do as much or as little post-processing as you wish.

    I will photograph no more than two people per image in this format as there is not generally space for more as the “studio” area is small. For safety reasons due to lighting stands etc, and the need to stay in position, I prefer to only photograph adults or older children who are able to follow instructions with this package. In other words, it is not suitable for most pre-school children.

    Time is not limited at a session, instead the session ends when we are satisfied we have all the images we need. As a guide, allow around half an hour for set up and discussion, fifteen minutes for take down, and around 15-30 minutes for the images depending on the package/number of backdrops etc.

    I will often provide you with a “draft” gallery of poses so you can choose your favourite ones as per the package total for me to post-process further.

    I offer two headshot packages, as follows:

  • The Classic Headshot Package gives you 2-3 individual poses (maximum one backdrop) and is priced at £100

  • The Full Headshot Package gives you 5 individual poses (maximum three backdrops) and is priced at £150

    If you require more images than this, or multiple subjects, please feel free to contact me to discuss pricing.

    Headshot packages require a fixed session date but can often be slotted in at short notice. For the Classic Headshot package, turnaround times on images can be very fast, usually within a few days if not sooner.

    Ordering further products

    Photography pricing

    You receive all images in your gallery in the format you decide upon – there is no need to pick favourites.

    Silver Ash Photography provides a password-protected gallery of all your images to help with choosing which style of photo you want printed if you are not choosing the digital file option. It can also be used if you wish to purchase additional prints, or larger prints/enlargements, or products such as canvases, framed prints or books.

    Unlike with a traditional viewing where you are made to decide on the spot what you want to buy, the gallery will be available indefinitely to give you plenty of time to choose additional products in the comfort of your home (or indeed anywhere with an Internet connection!) without pressure. You do not have to order anything beyond your basic package, but the opportunity is there if you require it.

    The following list should give you a rough idea of my prices for additional products on top of the images you receive in your package:

  • £5 for a small (6″x4″ or so) print

  • £10 for a roughly A4-size additional professional print

  • £15 for a roughly 16″x12″ enlargement

  • A package of five roughly A4-size prints is £35

  • A package of five roughly 16″x12″ enlargements is £50

  • Professionally produced canvases start from £125

  • Professionally framed prints start from £75

  • Professionally printed books start from £250

    For reasonably significant rework of an image, an extra charge may apply – please contact me for details.

    Further Important Information

    Due to the highly detailed work involved in post-processing the images, the password-protected online gallery will take between 1-3 weeks before the images are finished, although you will be informed of the likely wait time when booking and given a confirmed date at the session.

    For information on how things are likely to go when booking with me, please read the “How it works” page which should explain most things.

    Silver Ash Photography is fully insured for all eventualities. Silver Ash Photography accepts all major credit cards and Paypal. I offer a referral bonus scheme for customers who recommend me to their friends who subsequently pay for and go ahead with a session.

    It is highly recommended you read my terms and conditions before booking. You can read these here.

    Most answers to questions can be found on this page or on the rest of the website, but if you feel your question is not answered, please do contact me with your enquiry.

    For recommended photographers outside of my area, please see here.

    About the Pricing and Photography

    My prices are completely transparent. There are no hidden cheap deals to draw you in, and then a nasty surprise if you want more than a “free 10×8″ as is usually the case. There are no extras beyond those you see listed here. I believe in being open about the final price you will probably end up paying from the start – playing games with prices and pressure-filled sales tactics are not something I do for two reasons. One is because I personally disagree with them, and the other is that I prefer to focus on the photography and providing an excellent customer service. I treat my customers how I would want to be treated as a customer. I want you to feel happy about your images and purchases and the service so you recommend me to your friends, not feeling tricked, pressured and resentful!

    Custom Photography is a creative service and I am an artist. Although I am fairly flexible and always open to your ideas, please be certain you are generally happy with my style of photography before making a booking to avoid potential problems later on. There are many examples of my work in the galleries!

    For more information on custom photography and the services I provide, please read the “About Silver Ash Photography” page.

    Whatever happens, if you are not completely satisfied with my work, I will work very hard to find a happy solution for everyone involved, including a reshoot if necessary.

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